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Required Equipment List

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Ordered through MBBCPurchased On Your Own Approved Cold Weather Gear
Everyone Band Members Guard Members
Band Polo Shirt Black Shorts Jacket
Water Jug Cover Marching Shoes Performance Shoes
Rain Poncho (9th & New Students) Black Gloves (2 pairs) Spirit/Parade Uniform
Dri-Fit Show Shirt White Gloves (2 pairs)
Blue Tote Bag
Band Members Guard Members
1/2 Gallon Water Jug – blue with white handle, white trim 1/2 Gallon Water Jug – blue with white handle, white trim
Black Hand Towel Black Hand Towel
Khaki Shorts-Must meet school dress code Black Dance Capri
Lyre Not flutes, trombones, tubas, or percussion Unitard (girls)
Black Socks – 2 pairs – LONG Gloves, Rifle, Saber Ordered thru Guard Director
Flip Folders w/ 10 pgs
See handout for allowed cold weather gear

Marching Member allowed cold weather gear, purchased on your own

Long sleeve plain black t-shirt or dri-wave shirt (no turtle necks)

Plain stocking cap (black or Friendswood blue) no ski masks, ear flaps, or tassels

Jacket – FHS letter jacket, plain black, navy blue or Friendswood blue jacket with no logos, or approved Friendswood Band Merchandise.

Important Information

Prices go up after the May Order closes.
Due to the fact band items are considered personilized by our vendors, they cannot be returned. As a result the MBBC cannot offer full refunds on items you order.